Isabel Stukator

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These courses are offered to students at Sheridan College. 2D Design is taught to students in the Visual and Creative Arts program and the Crafts and Design program. Digital Textile Designs is specifically for the Textile Program. And Surface Design is taught in both the Visual and Creative Arts and the Crafts and Design programs. The photos represent work done by my students in these courses.

Crafts and Design program
The Craft and Design program offers intensive, hands-on education in four disciplines: ceramics, textiles, furniture and glass. Immersed in a community of dedicated craftspeople students develop creative and technical skill and work in world-class craft studios. The textile studio program gives students hands-on training in a wide variety of dye and print processes, as well as felt making, papermaking, hand and machine stitching, concept and design development, surface design and digital design and printing.

Visual & Creative Arts program
The Visual & Creative Arts program offers students practical hands on experience across a wealth of visual arts design subjects including photography, drawing, painting, 2D and 3D design, surface design, digital media and printing.

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